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More Tactics to Optimize Your Amazon Listings

In order to fully optimize your Amazon listings, not just for Mobile shoppers but for all shoppers and the Amazon algorithms, we will walk you through the steps Amazon Experts take to optimize listings for content, search-ability, and conversion.

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Titles on Amazon can have up to 150 characters. It is best practice to use as many characters as possible by stacking relevant keywords.

Furthermore, additional information that will help the customer differentiate this product from another such as size, flavor, brand, color, and unit quantity are great product identifiers and can help prevent returns by ensuring the customer is more informed in their purchase.

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When it comes to selecting images, the main image must be on a pure white background.


Programs like Canva Pro and others provide access to tools that can remove backgrounds.

Subsequent images should include lifestyle images (people using the product), infographics, and additional product images.

Also, be sure to include a video in the last slot!

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Bullet points are arguably one of the most important features on a listing or detail page. For this reason, the most important keywords should be bolded to stand out so the shopper gets the gist quickly. For example, we have included an optimized list of bullet points above.

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For product descriptions, Sellers should include not only information about the individual product, but this section is also a great place to insert information that was not included in the bullet points such as product collection information or a little information about the brand / seller.

This section on the detail page is limited to 2,000 characters so make it count!

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In order to have A+ Content, you need to have your Brand Registered on Amazon which requires a live Trademark, or in some cases, a Trademark in "pending" status.

However, A+ Content is an incredible tool for cross selling and promoting your products. It's also a buffer between your listing and the advertisements for other competing products at the bottom of the page.


Creating A+ Content creates additional chances for the customer to see, interact with, and complete the purchasing action on one of your products rather than the competition.

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Similar to A+ Content, a Storefront on Amazon is only available to Brands that have a Trademark and are successfully registered on Amazon's Brand Registry. 

Given the extra steps the brand has taken to become legitimate, Amazon's reward is yet another feature to take the brand to the next level on Amazon's platform.

A Storefront on Amazon has a similar set-up to a traditional website in that each tab or page can feature different product collections or categories of information,.

Think outside the box with storefronts and offer a plethora of information for keyword purposes, cross selling purposes, brand awareness purposes, and more.

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